Dinner Menu

Cold Appetizer
L1   夫妻肺片 Beef & Tripe Medley
L2   三色藕丁 Diced lotus root with carrot, bell pepper
L3   糖醋海蜇 Sweet & Sour Jellyfish
L4   毛豆雪里红 Mixe green soybean and potherb mustard  
L5   糖醋海带丝 Seaweeds with sweet & sour sauce
L6   椒盐带鱼 Salt and pepper hair tail
L7   烟熏猪舌 Smoked pork tongue
L8   麻辣猪肚 Shredded pig tripe in chili sauce
L9   麻辣牛肉干 Szechuan spicy dried beef
L10   口水鸡 Mouth-watering chicken
L11   葱油鸡 Sliced chicken with green onion vegetable oil
L12   凉拌三丝 Pork, vegetable and cellophane noodle
L13   虎皮尖椒 Sauteed green chili pepper
L14   麻辣牛百叶 Shredded beef tripe in chili sauce
L15   红油猪耳 Spicy pig ear
L16   香辣螺片 Szechuan spicy conch
L17   川北凉粉 Special green bean jelly
Drink & Desert
Y1   赖汤圆 Mr. Lai's sticky rice ball
Y2   八宝锅蒸 Eight treasure rice cake
Y3   桂花酒酿 Osmanthus flavor cultured sticky congee       
Y4   冰激凌 Strawberry IceCream
Y5   冰激凌 Vanilla IceCream
Y6   冰激凌 Chocolate IceCream
Y7   水果 Seasonal Fruits
Y8   热茶 Hot Tea
Y9   橙汁 Juice
Y10   牛奶 Milk
Y11   甜茶 Sweet tea / 不甜茶 Un-sweet Tea
H1 剁椒活鱼 Whole fish in Szechuan flavor hot pepper sauce
H2   松鼠活鱼 Squirrel fish
H3 醪糟活鱼 Whole fish in spicy and sweet rice wines sauce
H4 冷锅活鱼 Whole fish in Ba Shu sauce
H5 冷锅鱼片 Fish fillet in Ba Shu sauce
H6 水煮鱼片 Boiled fish fillet in Szechuan sauce
H7 水煮活鱼 Boiled whole fish in Szechuan bean sauce
H8   糖醋脆皮活鱼 Crispy whole fish in Szechuan bean sauce
H9   清蒸活鱼 Steamed whole fish with soy sauce
H10   葱烧活鱼 Whole fish in green onion sauce
H11 泼辣鱼 Fish in Szechuan spicy sauce
H12   鲜溜鱼片 Sauteed fish fillet with vegetable
H13 麻辣豆花鱼 Boiled whole fish fillet in Szechuan chili sauce
H14   椒盐鱼片 Salted and peppered fish fillet
H15 香辣鱼 Szechuan spicy fish
H16 泰安鱼片 Tai An spicy fish fillet
H17   美味鱼片 Steamed fish fillet with special soy sauce
H18 泡椒鱼柳 Pckled bird fish fillet with chili sauce
H19 香辣龙虾 (活) Szechuan spicy lobster
H20   H20 姜葱龙虾 (活) Green onion and ginger lobster
H21 避风塘龙虾(活) Bi Feng Tang style lobster
H22 香辣螃蟹(活)Szechuan spicy crab
H23 避风塘螃蟹(活)Bi Feng Tang style crab
H24   广东龙虾 (活) Guang Dong lobster
H25 核桃大虾 Pecan shrimp
H26 四川虾松 Lettuce wrapped with minced shrimp & green pepper
H27   三鲜锅巴 Sizzling rice cake with shrimp, beef & chicken
H28 香辣干贝 Dry fried scallops with spicy sauce
H29   椒盐大虾 Salted and peppered Jumbo shrimp
H30 风沙大虾 Fried shrimp in chili sauce
H30 干锅大虾 Griddle cooked prawns
Beef, Lamb, Chicken & duck
R1 麻辣豆花牛 Sliced beef with soy bean in red oil sauce
R2 水煮牛肉 Boiled beef in Szechuan hot pot
R3 麻辣牛筋堡 Beef tendon in hot pot
R4 家常牛筋堡 Home style Beef tendon in hot pot
R5 小炒羊肉 Fried shredded lamb with cilantro
R6 葱爆羊肉 Sliced lamb with green onion
R7 宫保鸡丁 Kong Pao Chicken
R8 冷锅鸡 Spicy chicken in hot pot
R9 干煸樟茶鸭 Dry fried team smoke duck
R10   姜爆樟茶鸭丝 Green onion fried tea smoke duck
R11 九层塔鸭舌 Duck Tongue with basil
R12 砂锅牛腩堡 Hot pot beef
R13   樟茶鸭 Smoke tea duck
R14 泡椒牛百叶 Pickled peppers with beef tripe
R15   葱爆牛肉 Sliced beef with green onion
R16 锅仔羊肉炖小菜 Sliced lamb with vegetable in hot pot
R17 干煸牛肉丝 Dry fried beef shredded
R18 孜然羊肉 Cumin sliced lamb
R19 巴蜀辣子鸡 Ba Shu spicy chicken
R20 三椒鸡 Chicken with 3 kings of peppers in Szechuan sauce
R21 魔芋啤酒鸭 Duck with Yam Galantine cooked in beer
R22 小椒鸭舌 Duck tongue with pepper sauce
R23 干锅鸡 Chicken with chili sauce
R24   桂花盐水鸭 Osmanthus flavor salt duck
Z1 回锅肉 Twice cooked pork
Z2 鱼香肉丝 Shredded pork in garlic sauce
Z3   芝麻小排 Sesame pork rib
Z4   京酱肉丝 Shredded pork tenderloin with green onion
Z5 毛公烧肉 Mao's style braised pork
Z6 蚂蚁上树 Bean noodle with ground pork
Z7   椒盐排骨 Salt and pepper pork rib
Z8 香辣肥肠 Stir fried pork intestine with jalapeno
Z9 泡椒肥肠 Pickled red chili with pork intestine
Z10 五更肠旺 Chitterlings, pickled vegetable and Tofu
Z11   川式元蹄 Braised pork hock
Z12   扬州狮子头 Yangchow jumbo meat ball
Z13   香干肉丝 Shredded pork w. smoke Tofu in garlic sauce
Z14   青椒肉丝 Shredded pork with green pepper
Z15 火爆腰花 Pig kidney stir-fry
Z16 炝锅腰花 Pig kidney in spiced sauce
Z17 飘香排骨 Dry fried pork rib with cilantro
Z18   白菜扣肉 Steam pork with Chinese cabbage
T1   蟹肉鱼肚羹 Crab meat with fish maw soup
T2   酸菜鱼片汤 Fish fillet with pickled cabbage soup
T3   冬瓜鸡片汤 Chicken with winter melon
T4   冻豆腐白菜汤 Napa and frozen Tofu soup
T5   金针三丝汤 Golden & black mushroom with bamboo soup  
T6   八珍海鲜汤 Eight treasure seafood soup
Snack & Noodles
F1   小笼包 Small steamed bun
F2 天津水饺 Tian Jin flavor dumpling
F3 成都抄手 (红油 / 鸡汤/ 酸辣)
Chengdu Wouton (red chili oil / chicken soup / hot&sour)
F4 肥肠酸辣粉 Pork intestine with spicy and sour flavor
F5 铜井巷素面 Tong Jing vegatable noodle
F6 酸菜肉丝面 Noodle soup with shredded pork & Pickled cabbage
F7 牛肉面 Beef noodle soup
F8 宋嫂面 Ms. Song's noodle soup
F9 三鲜汤面 Three flavor noodle soup
F10 清汤杂酱面 Noodle with fried bean sauce
F11 成都凉面 Chengdu cold noodle
F12   扬州炒饭 Yangchow fried rice
F13 云南米线 Yunnan rice noodle soup
F14 绍子米线 Shredded pork in rice noodle soup
F15 榨菜肉丝米线 Sezchuan pickle and pork in rice noodle soup
F16 烧牛肉米线 Spiced beef in rice noodle soup
F17 三鲜米线 Three flavor rice noodle soup
F18   海鲜米线 Seafood in rice noodle soup
F19 肠旺火锅米线 Chitterling pork with rice noodle soup
F20 担担面 Dan Dan noodle
S1 鱼香茄子煲 Egg plan in garlic sauce
S2 香菇茄子煲
S3 冬菇菜心 Chinese cabbage with winter mushroom
S4 干煸苦瓜 Stir fried bitter melon
S5 干煸四季豆 Stir fried string bean
S6 百叶毛豆 Dry Tofu with fresh green soy bean
S7 宫保莲藕 Kung Pao Lotus root
S8 白油莲藕 Sauteed lotus in white sauce
S9 香菇豆腐煲 Black mushroom wit Tofu in hot pot
S10 酿豆腐 Stuffed Tofu with ground seafood
S11 巴蜀豆腐 Tofu, Shrimp, ham, fish fillet, bok choy with white sauce
S12 麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu
S13 家常豆腐 Home style Tofu
S14 松仁豆腐 Tofu with pine seeds
S15 清炒时令菜 Stir fried seasonal vegetable
S16 上汤什菜 Mixed vegetable with white sauce

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