"Best transformation of 2010, from horrid buffet style to an amazing menu of 'real' chinese food. I felt like I was in Hong Kong! Jelly fish, lotus root, pork buns, I will be going back many times to sample more stuff. The fish items look awesome, will be getting those next time as well as some of the more 'mysterious' items. Much like Penang stuff will come out when it's done, so appetizers and various dishes will come out as they are 'complete' so keep that in mind - I recommend having a group of 4 or more so you can sample from more dishes."

"The staff are very friendly and helpful, and do their best to make sure you enjoy the meal. Typically of Chinese dining, the food comes out when it's ready. To maximally enjoy your experience, order several complementary dishes for the table and eat family-style. The portions are huge, so you'll probably stuff yourselves and still have ample leftovers! Last time I went, the bill came to $40 for four people after ordering 2 appetizers and 2 entrees, with all of us uncomfortably full and three full boxes of leftovers to take home."

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Mouthful - Greg Cox gives Gourmet Kingdom 4 stars | newsobserver ...
"A gem of Szechwan cooking right in Carrboro". Mar 19, 2010 ... Gourmet Kingdom got 4 stars from Greg Cox. HERE is the review.
"You would discover "a gem of Szechwan cooking right in Carrboro." Authentic Szechwan fare is indeed as rare in these parts as a precious jewel. Listing nearly 150 dishes, Gourmet Kingdom's Szechwan menu is loaded with enough of those jewels to fill the coffers of the restaurant's namesake kingdom. English translations are thoughtfully provided, making it easy for the squeamish to avoid the likes of "spicy pig ear" and "pickled red chile with pork intestine." The menu is laden with dishes that allow you to venture just as far as you like on the wild side. Twice-cooked pork, eggplant in garlic sauce, and lobster with ginger and green onions are all safe, familiar territory. So are Tian Tin flavor dumplings, delicate crescents stuffed with a savory filling of ground pork and served with a sesame-soy dipping sauce. In Yangchow jumbo dumplings, that filling is transformed into ginger- and scallion-spangled spheres nearly as big as tennis balls, served over cellophane noodles." ( BY GREG COX - the restaurant critic for The News & Observer)

Great since it switched ownership! By Erin ‎‎
This place is so good! The trick is, you have to order from the Chinese menu or really talk to your waiter/waitress about what they suggest that is really authentic. I heard before that it was mediocre, but since they have switched owners, friends recommended it to me wholeheartedly. I've eaten there 3 times in the past few weeks and have told everyone I know about it. Just try to go for the more authentic foods, not the things that may be catered to an "American palate." I suggest the garlic eggplant, gourmet kingdom tofu (not on the English menu, called ba shu do fu in Chinese), soups, and their seafood (they have a great spicy fish dish on their Chinese menu). Hands down the best Chinese restaurant in Chapel Hill-Carrboro and a wish come true for all those who crave Chinese food and don't want to have to always drive to Durham or Raleigh!‎

Lucky for us the Gourmet Kingdom in Carrboro, NC brought in new management and was offering a Chinese menu fit with sichuan cuisine... Read full review here)

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