Lunch Menu


*** 11- 3, Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri ***

A1   Spring Roll(2pcs)
A2   Fried Dumpling(8 pcs)
A3   Steamed Dumpling (8 pcs)
A4   Teriyaki Chicken(4pcs)
A5   Fry chicken wings(8pcs)
Chk – $2.0, pork- $2.0, Vegetable - $1.5,
shrimp-$2.5, beef- $2.5
1   Vegetable Chicken
2   Chicken with Cashew Nuts                      
3   Chicken with Broccoli
4   Kung Pao Chicken
5   Asparagus with Chicken
6   Moo Goo Gai Pan
7   Chicken in Garlic Sauce
8   Sweet and Sour Chicken
9   General Tao’s Chicken
10   Sesame Chicken
Shrimp, Beef, Vegetable $7.25
11   Szechuan Spicy Shrimp
12   Kung Pao Shrimp
13   Asparagus with Shrimp
14   Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
15   Mongolian Beef
16   Beef with Green Pepper
17   Beef with Broccoli
18   Stir Fried Seasonal Vege
19   Broccoli in Garlic Sauce                            
20   Hot and pungent ToFu
Special Noodle and Fried Rice
21   Lo Mein (Noodle) with Chicken
22   Lo Mein (Noodle) with Beef
23   Lo Mein (Noodle) with Pork
24   Lo Mein (Noodle) with Vegetable              
25   Shrimp/House Special Lo Mein
26   Fried Rice with Chicken
27   Fried Rice with Beef
28   Fried Rice withe Pork
29   Fried Rice with Vegetable
Full Menu
1   葱爆牛
Stir fried beef tender loin with onion
2   芹菜牛
Stir fried beef tenderloin with celery
3   泡椒黄瓜牛
Beef tenderloin with pickled pepper and cucumber
4   酱爆鸡丁
Stir fried chicken in soy bean paste
5   番茄青豆鸡丁
Chicken with tomato and green soy bean
6 四川卤烧鸡
Sichuan gravy roast chicken

7 回锅肉
Twice cooked pork slice
8   葱爆肉丝
Stir fried shredded pork with onion, green onion
9   青椒肉丝
Stir fried shredded pork with green pepper
10   红烧肉丸
Stewed pork meat ball
11 鱼香肉丝
Stir fried shredded pork with garlic sauce
12   木耳肉丝
Stir fried shredded pork with woodear mushroom
13 蒜泥白肉
White pork meat garlic sauce salad style
14 红油牛百叶
Chilly red beef tripe
15   火爆牛百叶
Stir fried beef tripe
16   泡椒牛百叶
Beef tripe with pickled pepper and cucumber
17   素什锦
Assorted vegetable mix, tofu,mushroom, peas and more
18 鱼香茄子
Garlic sauce eggplant
19   干扁苦瓜
Dry fried bitter gourd
20   松仁豆腐
Pine nut ToFu
21 麻婆豆腐
Hot and pungent ToFu
22   酱烧豆腐
Stewed ToFu with thick bean paste
23   白油冬瓜
Winter melon with white clear sauce
24   百叶毛豆
Light fried dry bean strip and green soy bean
25   苦瓜炒蛋脯
Pan baked bitter gourd and egg to brown
26   干扁四季豆
Dry fried string bean with tasty pickled vegetable
27   三色虾仁
Tri color cube shrimp meat – celery and red pepper
28   鱼香虾仁
Garlic sauce shrimp meat

Lunch Special :

Monday, Wednesday - Friday:

      11:00am ~ 3:00pm,
  Lunch is closed Tuesday

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